User Persona Samples


UCSD Extensions

November 2018

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign



A user persona represents the target customer for a company. User personas help guide designers through the design process because they are reflective of the target demographic/ who the site will best help. For example, Alex “Shy Guy” Smith is quite close to the millennial generation, a generation that likely did not acquire the skills necessary to do handyman type projects around the home. Maria “Single Mom” Sanchez, on the other hand, simply does not have the time between raising children alone, working, and trying to better her future by attending school. Convenience is priority for her, something that this site can address. Scenarios such as these are appropriate to consider because they put a face to the demographic and designs can be tailored to meet their needs. For more information on the website, click this link.

User Persona of Alex Smith

User Persona Maria Sanchez

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