Tello Electric Solar App Pitch


Tello Electric Solar

December 2015

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Xd

Xd Prototype


A website redesign was already underway for Tello Electric Solar. This pitch was an opportunity for them to take their customer experience to the next level with a powerhouse mobile and desktop app. In the proposed app, users would be able to see the impact their solar installation was having. A clear, elegant graphical interface would help users immediately see “how solar they are” – and share this with friends. This feature keeps users in the app and would be extend through gamification to encourage repeat visits. In addition, the would be able to see the generations of referred customers and would also be able to share this information on social media with a single tap. Education would be applied at key stages throughout the user journey, encouraging new customers and extending the relationship with existing customers into new product lines and services.

Tello App Wireframes

Tello App Mockups

Tello App Demo

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