Storyboard Sample


UCSD Extensions

November 2018

Pen & Paper



A storyboard can help designers run through a “real life” scenario that a user may experience. This can help flesh out any problems that could occur. Storyboarding can also assist with step-by-step problem solving. As the designer, you are slowing down the design process and are better able to solve issues before a site goes live. Here is the script for the storyboard of a woman having a plumbing problem and how Handyman On-Demand was there to help fix her problem:

  1. Maria comes home from a long day at work.
  2. She walks in to find her kitchen sink is broken.
  3. She is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do to fix the problem.
  4. She decides to do a Google Search on her phone for a handyman.
  5. Maria comes across the site Handyman on Demand.
  6. Maria speaks her problem into the phone saying, “My sink is broken and I need a handyman.”
  7. Profiles of various handymen appear.
  8. Maria selects a the handyman perfect for the job.
  9. She selects a date for the handyman to come out.
  10. The handyman shows up on schedule to fix the sink.
  11. The handyman promptly changes out the faucet and replaces it with a new one.
  12. Maria is very satisfied with the service and would use it again.

Storyboard of a Handyman App

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