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The subscription model is nothing new— there has been some form of it since the 1970s. But the subscription model was modernized and brought online about six years ago with the launch of Birchbox. More than 2,000 copycat subscription retailers followed, as did over a billion dollars of venture capital funding to companies such as Birchbox, BarkBox, Loot Crate, The Honest Company, Ipsy, FabFitFun and Dollar Shave Club.

The target audience Speakeasy Co. is Millennials, Generation X’ers, Hipsters, and anyone who loves custom cocktails (which is a lot of people). It’s old news that custom cocktail has gone mainstream.

Speakeasy Co. was seeking a redesign of their custom cocktail subscription box service commerce website. It was in need of a facelift and in desperate need of a site that focuses on the user experience. One area of significant need was the checkout/ shopping cart section. To assist Speakeasy Co., I revamped their homepage and their sales funnel/ shopping cart. Some conceptual models that were helpful in this process were: I also used experience maps, User Flow/Process Diagram/User Journeys, Wireframes, and a Final Design Mockup.

I took the site from wireframe concepts to the mockup phase and finally to asset handoff . Unfortunately the company at the last minute changed business objectives and directions and no longer sell subscription boxes.

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