Sketching the User Experience


UCSD Extensions

October 2018

Pen & Paper



Sketching can be a useful tool in the ideation phase of the design process. This sketch assisted me in coming up with the concept for a dog daycare. What follows is the description of what is seen in the sketch as well as the value the mock company could bring to its users.

  1. This is Sally. Sally loves her dog. Every morning Sally wakes up to to walk her dog. This makes her happy and in turn she has high morale.
    2. Sally has to drop the dog off at Doggy Daycare before she heads to work. This makes her sad because she knows she won’t be be with her “best friend” until after work.
    3. At work, Sally goes to the Doggy Daycare’s app, and sees her dog playing with another dog via a live webcam. This makes her happy again.

Doggy Daycare knows that people love their pets and care about them deeply. Clients were always curious about what their pets did throughout the day. Now instead of an employee simply telling the clients at the end of the day, they can see for themselves and check in on them in real time. The idea was that the app was supposed to try to evoke the same feeling of actually being with your dog. The emotional connection of being able to watch her dog throughout the day (i.e. see where her dog is fed, goes to the bathroom, goes for a walk, etc.) via an app, is precisely the reason why Sally chose this Doggy Daycare in the first place. And since none of Doggy Daycare’s competitors were offering such a service, the app makes them standout and makes them agile business.

Idea for a Doggy Daycare App

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