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A form is one of the most important part of a product website as it generates potential leads. An effective form simplifies the experience for the user and creates a potential revenue stream for the organization.

On National University’s ‘Request for Information’ form, there is an option for potential students to choose a program in which they are interested. In this pick list, there are over 65 program options to choose from. Scrolling through to find the program of interest can be time consuming; if users cannot find what they are looking for, they can get frustrated and abandon the page. To provide a more efficient and better user experience, a “Start typing…” solution would be of great help. This type of solution is effective for a large number of specified options when users know what they are looking for. A user has the ability to start typing and after the first two letters are entered, a list of filtered options appears. Also, by adding a simple search, within the form field, the user will be able to fill out the form much faster.

Old Form Field Example

Old UI Pattern vs New UI Pattern

Instead of scrolling through the list, let the users start typing and only show the filtered options

New Proposed Form Field Change

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