Sanford Teacher Awards User Flow and Layout


Sanford Programs

September 2019

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Xd



Although this seems like a friendly marketing site, the backend, multi-step forms, and user flow make it a quite intricate product website. The project was first to help the client determine the steps in the process for a nominated teacher to be the winner of a $50,000 prize. Then the focus turned to creating multi-step forms that take the user through the journey—approval process—of being the recipient of the award. This form touches more than the nominee; others interacting with the form include the nominator, the principal, and the superintendent.

Beginning-to-end User Flow and Journey of Award Process

Process of Coming up with Form Requirements and Layout

Mobile Wireframes and Mockups

Email Series Layouts

Mobile and Desktop Comps

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