Outreach Landing Page


National University

April 2018

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign



In order to increase ROI at outreach events and field activities that wish to collect leads, the enrollment department wanted to create a simple landing page that would allow Regional Operations/Enrollment Management to capture lead information in real-time and put it directly into the NU CRM. This would be instead of manually tracking leads which has proven to be inaccurate. At the start of this project, there was not a defined/consistent process to capture leads during outreach events. By creating this landing page it created an easier process to track data about which events were performing well and which regions see the most results.

This landing page would predominantly be presented on an iPad and/or a laptop at an onsite event, so the UI would need to be easy to use and navigate. It would be a tool only to be used in the field; no other traffic would be driven to it. This content was made to be evergreen— able to be used by multiple campuses and programs.

Tablet Mockup

Laptop Mockup

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