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National University Virtual High School

October 2018

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Xd

NUVHS All Course Listing


The client wanted to simplify their course page by using filters and art icons, similar to a key, to help their audience visually identify courses that are Advanced Placement (AP) and/or approved by UC, NAIC, NCAA, etc. I developed an simple system that accomplishes the goals that that client wanted. Essentially, the course is either is approved or is not approved. If something, UC, AP etc., is approved, it shows up with a check. If it is not approved, it does not have a check. In addition to the visual nature of the checks, this is also something that users can filter for. This was the best way to accomplish these goals from a design and functionality perspective while still taking into account both mobile and desktop views. All of these considerations make for a better user experience.

Old Course Listing Experience

Old vs New User Flow

Course Listing Mockups

Desktop Prototype Demo

Course Listing Comp

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