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National University

Never Launched

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Although the new National University Program Finder was preforming well, there is always room for improvement. The way to improve the page would be to these steps:

Multiple Filter Categories
Users can filter for multiple categories to help narrow down their results and help them find what they are looking for easier and faster.

Search & View
If the result set it still too big, users can search within the results to find exactly what the are looking for. The page auto updates with the result if any are found. Users can choose the number of results they would like to see at one time.

Filtering & Reset
This helps the user see what has already been filtered (sometime multiple filters) and has an option to remove the filter by clicking the x. When the user hits the reset button, all filters are removed/ go to default view.

Using pagination, as opposed to an infinite scroll, is beneficial when the user is searching for something in particular within a list of results, not just scanning to consume information.

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