A/B Test on Paid Media Page for mobile


National University

May 2019

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Xd

Xd Prototype


Because the goal with a product website is to generate revenue, using an A/B test will help determine what is the most optimized and best experience for the user. Below we have the older version and the newer version of a paid media page which were tested against each other.

In the requirements meeting, the client expressed that it wanted to change a few elements of the page including: update the style to reflect the new NU.edu site; move the form to the bottom of the page; warm up the page; create a sticky footer with actionable hook; CTA button. Before designing, I did a deep dive into the analytics and found out the 75%-80% of traffic comes through mobile. As a result, I created a more user-friendly mobile design. Additionally, through competitive research, I found and implemented a good example of a sticky footer UI pattern and added a few images to make the page warmer.

Old Mobile Design

Mobile Prototype Demo

Mobile Mockups

Mobile Comp

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