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December 2018

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I designed the Handyman On-Demand website based on a real handy man service whose website needed updating. This could be considered a redesign of the website. There are many websites out there that offer this service such as Angie’s List. The Handyman On-Demand website was poorly executed so I redesigned the site and added a mobile/ app experience.

A typical user for this site would be someone who isn’t handy or someone who just needs an extra set of hands with a home project. The projects can vary, but most of them would be DIY home projects, meaning nothing so big that the user would need to hire a licensed contractor. A user can simply type in (or speak in mobile) their problem (i.e. “faucet is leaking” or “need to paint the bedroom”) or pick from a filtered list. The result will show a set of handymen with the qualifications they’ve requested, and they can see reviews for that handyman and that exact problem. A review might read something like, “Joe Z. was great at fixing my sink that was leaking. It was fixed within the hour. Would highly recommend.” Users would also see the handyman’s rate, other reviews and recommendations, and a brief description of the handyman.

User-centered design played a big role in redesigning the website. In taking this approach, I tried to optimize the service around the user’s wants and needs, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the service. Most websites out there don’t service the needs of the user. Companies often design what they think is best for the company as opposed to designing for their target audience. The redesign of this website focused on user experience, specifically trying to create one where the user feels as though they are having a conversation with the website (i.e. search boxes auto populating key search terms). This will humanize the website, thus gaining the trust and loyalty of the customer. Because the website was designed with the user in mind, it will be easy to use and feel convenient; the customer will feel more inclined to return to the website when faced with another home issue, thus creating a life long customer for the company.

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