Craft Beer Club Style Guide


Craft Beer Club

April 2018

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I designed the Craft Beer Club website based on a company whose website needed updating. This could be considered a redesign of the website. In addition to the redesign, I also put together this style guide. This guide updated the look and feel of the website. The style guide provides a modernized look with a clean and simple design. The style guide functions as a key document that helps content creators present a consistent message and identity to its target audience.

Logo & Color Palette

Main Colors:
42% of people claim blue as their favorite color, and that enthusiasm is reflected in the many companies that use blue in their branding. Blue colors are seen as calming, cool, serene, and stable. Green is another main color I will use. It is associated with the environment; green can also point to health, serenity, and freshness. The meaning of green can be associated with friendliness or prestige.

CTA & Accent Color:
For the CTA and accent color, using orange will make a strong statement. Orange evokes a visceral response, causing faster breathing and an increased heart rate. This color can be energetic and aggressive which is an effective way to be attention-grabbing.

Body Typography and Alternate Color:
For the body copy, we needed something stable. The color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom, gray is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority.

CBC Old Logo

CBC Style Guide

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