Application Overhaul


National University

February 2018

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Xd



The enrollment department was overwhelmed by the amount of leads/ students filling out intake forms. The department wanted to be able to work with potential students in a timely manner. The goals were to help the department field leads by expediting the “new student” process and helping advisors manage the incoming lead flow. To do this, we created a double-layered thank you page set up.

The first thank you page contained a “more information” section for the potential student to fill out, as well as copy stating that they would be moved to the “front of the line” if they filled out the information requested. The purpose of this was to motivate leads to act quickly and, in turn, this enabled advisors to determine and prioritize warmer leads. The second page included a reminder that they would be fast-tracked for communication with an advisor and a personal video from the President of National University.

These changes helped secure more overall sales.

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