As a professional designer, Jared is a proactive problem solver and considers design from a multitude of perspectives.

“This guys is fast. He’d give Speedy Gonzales a run for his money.”

– Everyone I’ve ever worked with

How I Got Here

My predominant interests are related to anything technology and really dates back to my childhood. I have been online since the days of Netscape and AOL and I started building my own computers when I was in early high school. In junior college, I earned my CompTIA A+ hardware certification, which certifies me to work on hardware for computers. In addition to this, I also earned my associate’s degree in telecommunications. But my love for technology doesn’t stop at computers. I am also a photographer—I learned to use a DSLR while traveling in Italy as a teenager, which led me to take photography classes as well as Photoshop courses. I currently work as a freelance photographer for the Union Tribune in which I primarily shoot event photography. I originally set out to pursue a career in telecommunications; but my love for art drove me to the University of Oregon where I earned my degree in Digital Art. There I took both art classes and technology classes such as web design and programming for artists.


Work Experience

Following my education, I have worked a variety of positions related to design—business to business marketing as well as business to consumer. In this time, I enhanced my design skills including the ability to use WordPress to build websites. Also, I learned to use other user experience techniques such as personas, wireframes, and prototypes to work at a higher level of function and UI layout. I currently work as a designer for a university as a UI designer and also build custom coded responsive email templates. I am continuing my education by getting a UX certificate from UCSD Extension. In these classes, I am learning a wealth of knowledge about user experience from lead experts in the UX field. I completed my certification in winter of 2018.

Personal Interests

Aside from my love for technology, I also enjoy being active. I frequent the gym multiple times a week, play tennis and softball, snowboard in the winter, and like to hike in the spring. I love to travel and took a two-week vacation to New Zealand in December 2016. I participate in Fantasy Football leagues, like to shoot billiards, play computer games, and have been a drummer since high school. During the summer, I attend Comic Con with my troop, the 501st Legion where I dress as a character from the Star Wars movies. All in all, I would consider myself a fusion of a tech junkie and a geek. I love learning and continuing to grow in a field that I am passionate about.

Based in sunny San Diego, California

+1 (619) 997-2058