Design that focuses on the user in effort to create an experience that is efficient, creating better returns for your organization.

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About Jared

Jared enjoys creating user centered designs that not only function optimally for the user, but also look beautiful. As a professional designer, he is a proactive problem solver and considers design from a multitude of perspectives. His design experience is varied including product, user experience, user interface, visual, interactive, motion, information architecture, research.

The Process

My process is very iterative and has evolved from my experience across multiple disciplines. What has emerged is a synergy between UX Design, Agile development principles, and the Lean Startup methodologies.


This is where the designer gets down into the weeds of the project and where a lot of user and competitor research activities happens.

Design & Development

The Design phase is where the high fidelity design is fleshed out, and usually one design is chosen.


Iterations may cycle back through the design process to create new versions with new features.


This is where the designer takes all the information learned in the discovery phase and organizes it.


After feedback is received from the audience and stakeholders, it may be necessary to revisit some of the research undertaken, get additional …

The Work

My portfolio is a collection of projects from my eight years of experience. All projects implement user centered methods and include varying types of design including product, user experience, user interface, visual, interactive, motion, information architecture, research.

User-Centered Methods

My experience over the years has been diverse, leading me to have a large skill set that include:

  • Contextual inquiry and design
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Think abounds
  • Brainstorming
  • Sketches
  • Persona development
  • Storyboards
  • Card sorting
  • Task flows
  • Empathy map
  • Journey map
  • Affinity diagramming
  • Information architecture
  • Both high/low fidelity wireframes
  • Paper and interactive prototypes
  • Style guides
  • Web analytics and metrics
  • A/B testing
  • And much more!

Recent Work from Dribbble

Below are shots of my latest projects. More shots from other projects are available on Dribbble.

“I was impressed with Jared’s ability to come up with clean, user-centric designs that aimed to improved navigation and lead conversion. Jared would be a true asset to any organization looking for a fast and efficient designer with a passion for solving business challenges through UX/UI design.”


— Randy Rose, Former Web Project Manager, National University


“Jared has a rare ability to create elegant, responsive user interfaces that are easy to use and pleasing to the eye. He gracefully succumbs to the demands of our increasingly mobile-first world, by creating a fluid product that is unique and eye-catching on any device. Jared’s years of experience provide a skillful lens through which he identifies and implements the latest in UI trends & technologies.”


— Adam King, Front End Developer, National University


“Jared consistently impresses me with his designs. It’s rare that you find a designer that can design a site that is focused on the user experience and business goals, AND be extremely visually impressive and engaging. He is a very talented designer and I’d highly recommend him for any web design projects.”


— Dan Pearson, Freelance WordPress Developer


“Jared is a talented and collaborative UX designer with a cunning-eye for design and is highly knowledgeable in the UI/UX space with a well-rounded skill set under his belt that is hard to find. He is sharp-focused, exceptionally committed to every project from start to finish and continuously strives to improve his and his team’s creative processes.”


— Gerardo Candanoza, Former Creative Director, L7 Creative


Based in sunny San Diego, California

+1 (619) 997-2058